Direct Admission M.Tech

Direct Admission M.Tech
Direct Admission M.Tech

Direct Admission M.Tech

M.Tech – Mater of Technology or Master of Engineering is a post-graduate program in engineering or technology field an Engineering Research Degree. This is of 2-year specialized program in a specific branch of engineering or a technical field. Students typically take Direct admission in M.Tech programs after completing a 4-year undergraduate program in engineering resulting in the award of a Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Technology degree (B.Tech).

Hence It aim of producing Research Engineers who can also get the position of “Technologist” in the Industries and Research Institutes.

We Direct admission in Mtech provided to students appeared in GATE entrance exam and even Direct Admission MTech without GATE Exam.

Qualifying in the GATE exam is not compulsory to pursue M.Tech course in India. As Direct Admission MTech without GATE Exam is Possible.This is because Students can still pursue M.Tech course in the private universities of India.They May or may not Conduct Self Entrance Exam to grant Admission.

Different Types of Specializations after Direct admission in M.Tech

(Most Opted by students)

Civil Engineering M.Tech specializations

  1. Engineering Structures
  2. Construction Technology & Management
  3. Geotechnical Engineering
  4. Transportation Engineering
  5. Environmental Engineering
  6. Remote Sensing & GIS
  7. Water Resource Engineering
  8. Offshore Structures

Chemical Engineering M.Tech specializations

  1. Chemical Engineering
  2. Energy Engineering
  3. Process Control & Instrumentation

Computer Science and Engineering – M.Tech specializations

  1. Computer Science
  2. Information Technology
  3. Information Security
  4. Software Engineering
  5. Distributed Computing
  6. Image Processing

Electrical Engineering M.Tech specializations

  1. Power Electronics & Drives
  2. Power Systems Engineering
  3. Instrumentation & Control Systems
  4. Computer Controlled Industrial Power

Mechanical Engineering M.Tech specializations

  1. Thermal Engineering
  2. Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  3. Automobile Engineering
  4. Manufacturing Engineering
  5. Material Technology
  6. Industrial Engineering
  7. Product Design and Development
  8. Industrial Safety Engineering

M.Tech specializations in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)

  1. Advanced Communication Systems
  2. VLSI System Design
  3. Signal Processing
  4. Electronic Instrumentation

Least Opted by Students

  1. Industrial Ceramics.
  2. Power Electronics & Drives.
  3. Metallurgical & Materials Engineering.
  4. Bio medical Engineering.
  5. Mining Engineering.
  6. Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering Colleges.
  7. Information Technology.Textile Engineering
  8. Petroleum Engineering
  9. Nenotechnology
  10. Biotechnology
  11. Instrumentation & Control Engineering
  12. Food Technology
  13. Bio Informatics
  14. Architecture
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